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driving past your old elementary school likeimage

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My mom is a travel agent and I can confirm that people are legitimately this stupid when it comes to travel.

"It took us 9 hours to get home to England but the Americans only took 3  hours this is unfair" OH YES LET ME JUST REARRANGE THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE FUCKING PLANET FOR YOU SIR TERRIBLY SORRY

Whenever I think “oh this is the funniest one” I read the next one and I just can’t

I just——I think my brain has dissolved

the beach was too sandy………………..

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SIBUI ___________

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Charts show how history’s most brilliant people scheduled their days

Based on research from Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Podio created beautiful charts that show how some of modern society’s greatest thinkers, writers, artists and philosophers spent their days. It begins with the earliest risers and reveals how much time each of them spent sleeping, working, socializing, relaxing, exercising and at their day jobs or doing administrative stuff like managing their holdings or paying taxes.

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